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Services and course options offered:

  • Tractor-Trailer (ADZ) MELT Program is a 103.5 hour package that includes:
    • Driving Lessons (one on one)
    • Observation Time
    • In Class

      • Air Brake Endorsement "Z'
      • Pre-Trip Inspection
      • Coupling & Uncoupling
      • Hours of Work
      • Basic Vehicle Operation
      • Defensive Driving Techniques 
      • Putting the Tractor in Motion
      • Backing-Docking
      • The Log Book Instruction
      • In-cab Inspection (Dashboard and Gauges)
      • Border Crossing & Map Reading
      • Hazards of Night Driving
      • Fuel Saving Techniques
      • Handling Driver Fatigue
      • Proper Nutrition and Staying Fit for the Road
      • Sliders
      • Transporting Dangerous Goods
      • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 

  • Learn to double clutch a multi-gear transmission & Automatic transmission
  • Backing straight
  • Backing between trailers
  • Parallel parking
  • Highway driving
  • City driving
  • Stopping and starting on hills
  • Turns in heavy traffic
  • Running commentary driving
  • Passing and overtaking
  • Gear recovery techniques
  • Preparing for a company road test
  • Preparing for a Drive Test road test

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